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I love teaching chemistry, and my goals are always in line with doing what is best for students.  Through connecting with many educators on my social media platforms, it became clear that by helping teachers I am helping more and more students!  It has been amazing to share my enthusiasm and experiences on so many different platforms.  To be honest, collaborating and sharing best practices with educators all over the world is what I do in my free time.  In fact, the very reason I decided to start my YouTube channel was to provide free and easily accessible professional development to science teachers.

Below I will share both free and paid professional development opportunities you may be interested in pursuing:

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Teacher Renewal


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AACT Webinar_ Student-Centered Digital Activities Using Google - K. Randazzo.jpg

Jan, 2021 | Learn how to easily create and implement engaging student-centered activities using Google-based applications. Special emphasis will be placed on creating click and drag, modeling, and digital notebook activities.

Learn how to provide scaffolding for your students to create models and construct explanations of phenomena using fool-proof strategies. This presentation is ideal for any teacher new to using phenomena in the chemistry classroom.

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Thank you for your interest in my professional development opportunities!  I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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