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Flipping the Lab: Specific Heat | Teacher Renewal - Episode 8 | MsRazz ChemClass

Unfortunately this year my AP chemistry students have very minimal lab experience. One would think it would be really tough to teach all the preliminary lab skills they would have had in an in-person first year chemistry course. That's where flipped learning is coming in handy!

You all know I'm a huge supporter of the flipped classroom, but not all teachers are ready for the time commitment associated with flipping their lessons. If you're looking to dabble in the flipped classroom but don't want to dive right in - start flipping your labs! Seriously! Make a video discussing safety, describing the equipment, and demonstrating the technique. You will be AMAZED how much time you shave off your pre-lab discussion because your students know exactly what to do. Plus, as an added bonus, embed your video in EdPuzzle for an easy lab safety quiz! Your students can spend quality time doing the lab and getting the help and support they need from you.

In this week's episode I will share how I flipped my specific heat of a metal lab as well as the modifications I made to encourage students to think critically about the data.

Thank you so much for watching!

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