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This is a SET OF 19 GUIDED NOTES PACKETS used for advanced placement chemistry.

Topics for this course bundle include:

Unit 1– Introduction to Chemistry
Unit 2 – Atoms, Ions, and Molecules
Unit 3 – Stoichiometry
Unit 4 – Solution Stoichiometry/Reactions
Unit 5 – Gases
Unit 6 – Thermochemistry
Unit 7 – Atomic Structure/Periodicity
Unit 8 – Bonding (General Concepts)
Unit 9 – Covalent Bonding (Orbitals)
Unit 10 – Liquids and Solids
Unit 11 – Properties of Solutions
Unit 12 – Chemical Kinetics
Unit 13 – Chemical Equilibrium
Unit 14 – Acids and Bases
Unit 15 – Acid/Base Equilibria
Unit 16 – Solubility Equilibria
Unit 17 – Spontaneity, Entropy, and Free Energy
Unit 18 – Electrochemistry
Unit 19 – Organic Chemistry

Fully editable! (Follows most closely with Zumdahl's textbook - 8th edition; however, it is suitable for use in any AP chemistry course.)

A set of completed notes are included for each unit.

All rights are reserved by the author. This product is for personal classroom use only and may not be redistributed or posted to any website or educational blog in part or in its entirety. Store Copyright © 2011 by Karen Randazzo (a.k.a. MsRazz ChemClass)

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