Lab Activity: Making A Stock Solution, Dilutions, and Colorimetric Analysis

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This highly student-centered lab will help your students create procedures for making a stock solution and performing dilutions. To do this activity successfully, your students will need to have prerequisite knowledge of preforming calculations with both the molarity and the dilution equations. Setup and implementation is easy with my teacher prep guide - see the product preview for details.

This lab activity includes:

  • 2-page student lab handout
  • Scaffolded sections for writing procedures for making a stock solution and performing dilutions
  • Safety precautions
  • Clean up instructions
  • Teacher’s prep guide
  • Answer key
All rights are reserved by the author. This product is for personal classroom use only and may not be redistributed or posted to any website or educational blog in part or in its entirety. Store Copyright © 2011 by Karen Randazzo (a.k.a. MsRazz ChemClass)
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