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Unit Menu: Mathematics in Chemistry

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Inspire your students to take ownership over learning through choice!

Unit menus allow your students to take responsibility for their learning by selecting their own modality and/or assessment. If you are looking to incorporate asynchronous learning and differentiation into your classroom culture, unit menus are a fantastic place to start!

Specific learning objectives addressed by this product:
1. Express numbers in scientific notation and long form
2. Perform calculations with numbers in scientific notation
3. Perform measurements with the proper degree of uncertainty
4. Identify how many significant figures there are in a number
5. Round to the appropriate amount of significant figures in calculations
6. Convert between units of measurement using dimensional analysis

Enrichment topics: Planning and Conducting an Investigation, Significant Figures, Measurement

Recommended materials your students should have access to:
  • Access to the internet
  • Digital device (ex: Chromebook)
  • Headphones
  • Basic school supplies (ex: lined paper, scissors, colored pencils, etc.)
  • Basic lab equipment (ex: balance, graduated cylinders, rulers, etc.)

This product includes:
  • {Editable} Unit Menu
  • Student-centered choices for learning modality (14 total, approximately 3 per section)
  • Choices for assessment (8 total, approximately 2 per section)
  • Formative assessments (3)
  • Enrichment activity
  • Video recordings
  • Teacher prep and implementation guide
  • Answer keys to all activities, labs, worksheets, and assessments!

This product represents an entire unit designed to teach the objectives described above. There is approximately 8, 40-minute periods worth of content in this menu. The teacher prep guide breaks down materials and prep required for each section of the menu for easier planning.

Teaching college prep chemistry? Teaching honors chemistry? Unit menus are ideal for each level of chemistry because activities can be added or removed.

Struggling learners? Unit menus provide students multiple resources and assessments to make sure they are 'getting it.'

Advanced learners? Each section incorporates student-centered learning activities designed to free up your time and allow more individualized attention. An enrichment activity is also included!

Meeting the needs of your diverse learners has never been easier. You will be amazed at how menus improve student autonomy and encourages a classroom culture focused on learning.

All rights are reserved by the author. This product is for personal classroom use only and may not be redistributed or posted to any website or educational blog in part or in its entirety. Store Copyright © 2011 by Karen Randazzo (a.k.a. MsRazz ChemClass)

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