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The First Year Teacher

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Presale until June 17th 2024 | Course access starts on June 18th

This course is designed to help new teachers prepare for their first year of teaching by providing tips and actionable steps for classroom management, organization, parent communication, assessment, and instructional strategies.

Teachers who will benefit from this course:

✅ New teachers (1-3 years)
✅ All teachers teaching virtual, hybrid, or in-person
✅ All teachers looking to infuse technology into their daily practice
✅ All teachers who want to 'get back to basics'
✅ All teachers looking to improve their use of formative and summative assessments

Course Curriculum:
Chapter 1 | Your Guiding Philosophy
Chapter 2 | Classroom Management
Chapter 3 | Classroom Organization
Chapter 4 | Parent Communication
Chapter 5 | Planning for Your Year
Chapter 6 | Instructional Routines
Chapter 7 | Assessment and Grading
Chapter 8 | The First Week

Each chapter includes:
🔹Video demonstrations that include tool walkthrough, how-to videos, actionable tips
🔹Editable templates and worksheets that support you and your students' needs
🔹Interactive activities and assignments where you can share ideas and ask for help

Course Instructor


Do I have access to my courses forever?

You will have access to your courses for 1 full year.

Will Professional Development Credits be earned by completing each course?

A course completion certificate with the number of course hours will be issued after the completion of each course. Your school or district may have further requirements for professional development. I think our practical teacher courses should definitely count, but it will be up to your district.

Can a site license be purchased for a school district?

Please contact me at with the number of teachers you would like to use our courses with and I will get back to you with group pricing.

Are I affiliated with any edtech company?

No! There are online tools, apps, and educational tech tools that we talk about in our courses, but we have not received any compensation from these companies, unless otherwise indicated inside the course. I only recommend tools we think are terrific! I do not own these tools or apps and we do not provide tech support beyond the scope of the course. If any links within the course are affiliate links (for example Amazon), the link will be noted as such.

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You may:

  • Distribute and use these resources in your classroom

  • Post this product to a password protected website

  • Distribute to all students enrolled in your class

You may not:

  • Post any part of this product on the world wide web for anyone to access

  • Copy any portion of these resources and post on the web or social media

  • Share with other teachers that your licenses have not been purchased for

Return Policy

All purchases of digital resources are non-refundable.  Please be sure to verify that you have the digital applications (i.e. Microsoft, Google Apps, etc.) needed to open the documents before purchasing.  Please read the description and email me with any questions.

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